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Individual Checklist



  • Copy of Last Tax Return for new clients only
  • PAYG Summaries (group Certificates) from all employers 
  • Bank & Trust Income check bank statements to determine all interest income  
  • Dividend Income Bring in your dividend statements or let us know how many shares you own. If you have a dividend re-investment plan/employee share scheme the statements are very important both this year and in the future when you sell the shares.  
  • Other Income Bring in details of all other income for example Rental Income, Trust Distributions, Foreign Income, Business Income (and related expenses) or other Contractor Income  
  • ETP Statements Bring in any Eligible Termination Payment summaries you may have received throughout the tax year for withdrawals from Superannuation Funds or on retirement, redundancy or if you left a long-term employer.  



  • Work Related Expenses Keep receipts for all expenses relating to earning your income (eg  Motor vehicle expenses, telephone, stationery, travel, uniform, union fees)  
    • Motor Vehicle Expenses (kms travelled or log book)
    • Other work related travel (train fares, parking, tolls etc.
    • Education and Training
    • Licences, Union Fees, Memberships
    • Stationery
    • Home office expenses
    • Stationery
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Uniforms and Protective Clothing
  • Diary entries for expenses  For items less than ten dollars each and up to a total of $200 keep a diary documenting this expenditure (receipts are not always required)  
  • Donations all donation over $2 to registered gift recipients are tax deductible  
  • Depreciation of assets used for work costing over $300 each  
  • Income Protection Insurance statement from insurance company is required


Tax Offsets  

  • Private Health Insurance Bring in your statement and let us know if you have maintained your existing health insurance cover for the whole/part of the tax year.
  • Family & Spouse Details Family Tax Benefit, Offsets & Rebates, Superannuation, Medicare Surcharge may be applicable to your tax and may be dependant on Spouse details.


Capital Gains Tax  

  • Bought or Sold Shares/Properties  If you've bought or sold shares, properties or other investments please let us know and bring in the details of both the purchase and the sale                        

Rental Property Schedule



  • Advertising for tenants  
  • Bank Fees  
  • Body corporate fees  
  • Borrowing expenses  
  • Cleaning  
  • Council rates  
  • Capital allowances (depreciation on plant)  
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Electricity and Gas        
  • Gardening/lawn mowing  
  • Insurance  
  • Interest on loan(s)  
  • Land Tax  
  • Legal fees  
  • Pest control  
  • Purchase of Appliances/Furnishings  
  • Property agent fees/commission   
  • Repairs and maintenance  
  • Statement of Adjustments for properties purchased or sold
  • Stationery, telephone and postage        
  • Water charges                             


Business Checklist    

E xpenses  
  • Accounting  
  • Advertising & Promotional  
  • Bad Debts  
  • Bank Fees & Charges  
  • Bookkeeping  
  • Borrowing Expenses  
  • Capital Purchases  
  • Courier & Freight  
  • Cleaning & Rubbish Removal  
  • Commissions  
  • Contract Payments  
  • Depreciation  
  • Donations  
  • Electricity and Gas  
  • Filing fees (ASIC Company Fee)  
  • Fringe Benefits Tax  
  • Fuel & Oil        
  • Government Charges & Fees  
  • Hire & Rent of Plant Equipment  
  • Home Office Expenses  
  • Insurance  
  • Interest  
  • Journals & Reference Books  
  • Lease Payments  
  • Legal Fees  
  • Licenses  
  • Materials & Supplies  
  • Merchant Fees  
  • Motor Vehicle Expenses & Log book  
  • Postage & Freight  
  • Printing & Stationery  
  • Protective Clothing / Laundry  
  • Purchases  
  • Rent on Land & Buildings  
  • Repairs and Maintenance  
  • Salaries & Wages        
  • Security
  • Staff Amenities  
  • Staff Training/Education  
  • Sub-contractors  
  • Subscriptions & Memberships  
  • Stock on hand  
  • Sun Protection  
  • Sundry Expenses  
  • Superannuation  
  • Telephone & Internet  
  • Tools        
  • Training
  • Travel & Accommodation        
  • Uniforms
  • Waste removal
  • Work cover

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