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  • Copy of Last Tax Return for new clients only
  • PAYG Summaries (group Certificates) from all employers 
  • Bank & Trust Income check bank statements to determine all interest income  
  • Dividend Income Bring in your dividend statements or let us know how many shares you own. If you have a dividend re-investment plan/employee share scheme the statements are very important both this year and in the future when you sell the shares.  
  • Other Income Bring in details of all other income for example Rental Income, Trust Distributions, Foreign Income, Business Income (and related expenses) or other Contractor Income  
  • ETP Statements Bring in any Eligible Termination Payment summaries you may have received throughout the tax year for withdrawals from Superannuation Funds or on retirement, redundancy or if you left a long-term employer.  



  • Work Related Expenses Keep receipts for all expenses relating to earning your income (eg  Motor vehicle expenses, telephone, stationery, travel, uniform, union fees)  
    • Motor Vehicle Expenses (kms travelled or log book)
    • Other work related travel (train fares, parking, tolls etc.
    • Education and Training
    • Licences, Union Fees, Memberships
    • Stationery
    • Home office expenses
    • Stationery
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Uniforms and Protective Clothing
  • Diary entries for expenses  For items less than ten dollars each and up to a total of $200 keep a diary documenting this expenditure (receipts are not always required)  
  • Donations all donation over $2 to registered gift recipients are tax deductible  
  • Depreciation of assets used for work costing over $300 each  
  • Income Protection Insurance statement from insurance company is required


Tax Offsets  

  • Private Health Insurance Bring in your statement and let us know if you have maintained your existing health insurance cover for the whole/part of the tax year.
  • Family & Spouse Details Family Tax Benefit, Offsets & Rebates, Superannuation, Medicare Surcharge may be applicable to your tax and may be dependant on Spouse details.


Capital Gains Tax  

  • Bought or Sold Shares/Properties  If you've bought or sold shares, properties or other investments please let us know and bring in the details of both the purchase and the sale   
  Instite of Public Accountants